SDIP LIGHT Addressable LED Strip Bar Tube Manufacturer



We are an experienced, diverse and motivated team with a passion for the full color lighting.

The founder has more than five years of experience in the field, and has participated in the implementation of more than 200 projects, with a wealth of product knowledge, project practical experience, industry contacts.

The company has a field team that is experienced and ready to travel to support the customer technical need.

The production department is a skilled technician who regularly communicates with the field team about some known or potential problems at the project site to ensure high quality output.

The sales team is well trained to ensure that customers can get a satisfying experience while serving customers.


Thomas - Addressable LED light expert

Zofe - Managing Director

Aimee - Account Manager

Mr. Wang - Domestic Sales

Ms. Hu - Domestic Sales

Mr. Chen  - Domestic Sales

Mr. Dai - Domestic Sales

Ms. Xiao - Lighting Design Expert

Mr. Liu - Field Manager

Mr. Liu - Field Manager

Mr. Tan - Field Manager