1. The product is composed of white light with double color temperature 6000K+3000k plus magic color atmosphere light, which integrates lighting and magic color.
2, through light induction to start white lighting, with two-color temperature custom adjustment, irradiation range up to 4-8 square diameter.
3, the human body induction start the magic color, to achieve wireless synchronization of multiple solar lights, intelligent human interaction experience.
4, the magic atmosphere effect light by wireless WIFI LAN networking to form a cascade synchronization, simple installation and debugging, eliminating manual wiring.
5, through the mobile APP connection, APP integration of a variety of patterns, no need for online debugging.
6, solar high conversion charge, composed of 3600MA battery, continuous light up to 20 hours.


Product Name: LED Solar Lawn lamp

Size : Diameter 240*195mm, overall height of lamp body: 740mm

Material: Lampshade is PC milky white, lamp body is ABS plastic, lamp pole: high quality aluminum alloy

Light source: Symphony light source at the top, dual color temperature at the bottom (nature white + warm white)

Packing: Carton packaging, 1 set/box, 6 sets in a large box

Working mode: monochromatic light source 100% brightness timing for 4 hours after dark, automatically decrease the brightness to 20% after 4 hours until dawn. Over 20 kinds of pattern effects are built-in in the symphony light source. When someone passes the trigger after dark, trigger will switch to a pattern effect each time. Each pattern effect lasts for about 20 seconds and then turns off. (Note: When the bottom switch is turned on for the first time, the internal sensor will start the self-test process, and the symphony light will light up for a short time during the self-test and then automatically turn off)

Working time: Direct sunlight for 1 hour, light for 2 hours in the evening; Note: The factory battery capacity is 20%.

Weight: single package 1.25kg.

Advantages: stylish, power-saving, convenient, easy to install, no need to connect the power cord, just plug it in and fix it on the lawn

Scope of application: courtyard, municipal construction, lawn, park, villa, community



High-end PC plastic + aluminum alloy

Light color

Warm white + white light + magic color 16 million colors

Solar panel

5.5V/3W Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Lighting time

16~36 hours when fully charged



Induction distance






Working principle

Light controller automatically turns off the lights during the day to charge, automatically turns on the lights in the dark, and the human body sensor triggers the magic light mode

Sensing angle

120 degree

Irradiation Area

4-8 square

Battery Capacity

3.7V/4000mAH lithium battery

Light source

6000K nature white + 2500K warm white + magic color 16 million colors

Charging time

Strong light 6-8 hours


Parks, courtyards, villas, lawns, squares

Waterproof rate

IP65 outdoor dustproof and rainproof


Monochrome : 1W

Magic color : 1W

Tips for use:

  1.  Be sure to charge for 8 hours under the sun for the first use.
  2. Try to place the solar lawn light in a sunny place to ensure that the charging will not be affected and the lighting time will be longer.
  3. At night, the solar lawn lamp is intelligently sensitive and lights up in the dark, so it is not suitable to install the product in a place with strong light.
  4.  Please keep the solar panel clean, and regularly use a damp cloth to wipe off dust or debris on it.
  5. Whether the bottom switch of the solar lawn lamp is turned on or not does not affect solar charging.
  6.  In continuous rainy and rainy days, the battery cannot be fully charged during the day, which will reduce the lighting time at night
  7.  When you open the package for the first time or have not been exposed to light for a long time, turn on the switch of the solar lawn light. The monochromatic lighting part may default to 20% brightness, which is normal and can be restored only by exposure to light;
  8.  Pay attention to the installation direction of the human body sensor, which may affect the sensitivity of the sensor.




                                                                            Installation procedure

Solar atmosphere light Applications:

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