1. Each triangle smart light panels has 144pcs individually programmable WS2812 LEDs
  2. Multiple modules can be joint frameless
  3. Unlimited combination to generate numberous
  4. 3 different installation ways, easy & quick deployment & teardown
  5. No visible wires, all hidden at back
  6. Signal transmission distance as long as 120 meters
  7. Built-in anti-interference, resist various types of signal interference
  8. Smart LED panel dimension 170*160*35mm (L*H*Thickness) and weight 200g


The idea of triangle LED light panel is to ease and accelerate the implementation of customized programmable LED lighting projects. The modular design of panel enable that lots of modules can be joint frameless, pixel interval remains the same, so the uniformity of final lighting effects will be excellent.

Unlimited flexible combination of modules make sure it can deliver numerous shapes of lighting effects on sites’ wall or ceiling. Creativity can come true easily.

Every LED pixel panel is made of 144pcs individually programmable RGB LEDs, quiped with IC WS2812. The PWM controller can adjust 256 gray levels, totally generate 16,777,216 colors, compatible with all existing controllers on market, can easily DIY lighting effects by external controllers.

Signal-amplifier is embedded, signal transmission distance between controller and triangle panel is 80~120 meters, signal transmission distance is 30~50 meters between any two modular smart light panels.

Built-in anti-interference make the whole smart light wall panels resist to RF, electromagnetism and low voltage system interference.

Thanks to the vast amount of our project experiences, SDIP know very well what could be the potential quality issues and installation problems, we adopt the dedicated production and quality check tactics to reduce potential problem at factory.

Besides the physical strips, SDIP still provide the one-stop services of Site audit, Layout design, Lighting effect and programming based on LedEdit or Madrix software platforms, Product development and implementation, Installation and debugging, we have the field engineer teams to visit your sites for assistance.



Dimensions: 170*160*35mm Signal Protocol: Serial SPI
Voltage: DC5~24V Signal distance: 120m / 50m
Max Power: 12W / module Anti-interference: Opto-isolator
IC: WS2812C Control Type: Individually addressable
IC Quantity: 144pcs / module Installation: Screws / 3M Tape / Cable Tie
LED Type: SMD5050 RGB IP rate: IP33
LED Quantity: 144pcs / triangle Working Temp: -40°~ 70°
Profile: PVC Weight: 200g per panel
Cover: PC OEM: Supported

Installation Steps:

  1. Install the back plates to form the desired shapes
  2. Install the signal wires into the back plates
  3. Connect the power cords
  4. Connect the network cables (be care of the I/O)
  5. Install the triangles modules into the back plates

Installation Video:

Smart Light Panels Applications:


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