1. A 3D façade pixel screen consisting of 980 pixels of 5-sided phantom pixel light panels
  2. Compatible with any Symphony controller, can output offline, DVI, ARTNET, DMX512 control mode
  3. It can be controlled by the TTL controller linked to the intelligent central control or DMX512 console
  4. The shell adopts high-end acrylic light diffusion method to make the visual effect soft and comfortable
  5. Built-in power supply, can be directly connected to 220V voltage power supply
  6. The signal connection is input through the RJ45 network port terminal


Intelligent three-dimensional magic installation problem using the most simple, fast, support for diversification, can be different for the structure of the different environment to choose the corresponding installation. The product itself is equipped with installation accessories, which eliminates the tedious wiring and improves the overall installation process with the highest efficiency.

For the structural design of the site, it is often the most tedious workload for stage artists. 3D Rubik’s cube can be used to achieve high-end shocking visual lighting effects with the simplest layout. Matrix and ring surrounding layout can be used.

3D Rubik’s cube can be directly programmed by MADRIX, or it can be imported into the controller after editing the good effect to form a file, with DMX512 console, tiger, MA2 console overall operation.

The most conventional way of wiring, directly using 220v power supply, signal line for a separate group, do not have to worry about its series. Low power consumption, no need to consider the grouping of strong electricity, no need to worry about electricity.

Due to our extensive project experience, SDIP is well aware of potential quality problems and installation problems, and we employ specialized production and quality inspection strategies to reduce potential problems in the plant.

In addition to physical light strips, SDIP offers a one-stop shop for site auditing, Layout design, lighting effects and programming based on LedEdit or Madrix software platforms, product development and implementation, installation and commissioning, and we have teams of field engineers visiting your help site.



Dimensions: 295*295*290mm Signal Protocol: Serial SPI
Voltage: 220v Signal distance: 120m / 50m
Max Power: 75w Anti-interference: Opto-isolator
IC: WS2812-2020 Control Type: Individually addressable
IC Quantity: 980pcs Installation: lifting ring-screw
LED Type: SMD5050 RGB IP rate: IP33
LED Quantity: 980pcs Working Temp: -40°~ 70°
Profile: PVC Weight: 5kg
Cover: high-end acrylic OEM: Supported

     Installation environment and installation method:

  • When the mounting surface is wooden, it is fixed with screws.
  • When the mounting surface is steel structure, the structure is first made and then welded on it.
  • When the height is more than 4 meters, the installation of stage lighting hook can be selected.

Project Video:

Rubik’s cube light Applications:

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    Rubik’s cube light – The Ultimate FAQs Guide


    1.What is the Rubik’s Cube light and what effect can be made with it?

    The reason why it is called the Rubik’s cube light is because it has the same shape as the Rubik’s cube. It is three-dimensional and luminous on five sides. The effect can be programmed to the effect you like

    2.The size and specification of the Rubik’s cube light?

    Size:The cube is currently available in two sizes, 300mm and 400mm


    Supply voltage: 220V

    light bead model: WS2812-2020

    Number of pixels: 980PCS

    Luminous side:5 sides

    Length, width and height: 295*295*290mm

    Signal protocol: SPI serial communication

    Maximum power consumption: 75 watts

    Working current: 15A

    Light source life: 50000 hours

    Weight: 5KG

    Channel order: GRB

    Led color: RGB

    Grayscale: 256

    Waterproof level: IP33

    Shell: high-end acrylic

    3.What materials are used to make Rubik’s cube lights?

    The shell material of Rubik’s cube light is high-end acrylic

    4.Where is the application of Rubik’s cube light?

    Rubik’s cube light can be used in bars, KTV, nightclubs, all kinds of clubs and large-scale activities

    5.Are the lights in the Rubik’s Cube light individually addressable?

    Yes, the beads in the Rubik’s cube are individually addressable

    6.What are the power requirements for Rubik’s Cube lights?

    The Rubik’s Cube light adopts 220v power supply with maximum power of 75w

    7.Quantitative relationship between Rubik’s Cube lights and controllers?

    The 300mm Rubik’s Cube has 980 pixels, and the 400mm Rubik’s Cube has 1805 pixels. A controller can control 8 300mm Rubik’s cube lights and only 4 400mm Rubik’s cube lights

    8.Installation environment and requirements

    When the mounting surface is of wood structure, install and fix it with screws. When the installation surface is made of iron and steel, you can first use special accessories to do welding structure, welding on the structure. When the height is more than 4 meters, you can choose the installation of the stage hook.

    9.Will the connection be troublesome

    Use the most conventional way of wire, direct 220v power supply, signal line for a separate group, do not have to worry about series.

    10.How to program and control

    The Rubik’s cube light is programmed by MADRIX software. It can also be edited into a file and then imported into the controller. It is programmed by DMX512 controller, Tiger controller and MA2 controller.

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