Rigid LED Strip

SDIP RGB color changing rigid LED strip contains below options:

Protocol: TTL or DMX512

IC Type: WS2811, WS2818, WS2813, TM512

Shapes: LED profiles with different dimensions, typical sizes are 28*42*1000mm, 28*33*990mm, 18*25*1000mm and 23*19*1000mm; digital led tube with different diameters, typical diameters are 26mm and 75mm. Customized lengths are supported.

Working voltage: 5v, 12v, 24v, 5~24V

IP Grade: IP20, IP33, IP67

Thanks to the vast amount of our project experiences, SDIP know very well what could be the potential quality issues and installation problems, we adopt the dedicated production and quality check tactics to reduce potential problem at factory.

Besides the physical dmx light bar, SDIP still provide the one-stop services of Site audit, Layout design, Lighting effect, and programming based on LedEdit or Madrix software platforms, Product development and implementation, installation and debugging, we have the field engineer teams to visit your sites for assistance.



TTL or DMX512 signal
Various Shapes and Customized Length
Long Signal Transmission Distance

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