Our tight controls over quality start at the factory level. We’re hands-on in how we inspect, test equipment, and analyze the capabilities of each facility, ensuring they’re up to the challenge and expectations of real use cases.

Our products meet on-highway requirements. This is true for our most popular products, as well as niche products we develop to solve specific needs.

Always improving

We continually monitor what we do, and we encourage every member of our team to contribute ideas. This means our customers can rely on our products for the long-haul. And they can count on them being more cost-effective as well.

Getting things right the first time

From order processing, to shipping and installation, having strong communication with our customers is key. We help reduce our customers’ costs by taking communication seriously, maintaining our place as a high-value, hassle-free supplier.

Consistently meeting and exceeding requirements

SDIP Light knows and understands our customers’ needs. This insight helps ensure we’ll continue to provide quality products and services. Exceeding requirements wherever possible is an outcome we achieve through research, plus the ability to develop new products that anticipate and address future needs.

Quality Assurance

With computer-aided design, engineering, and ongoing research, we provide the highest quality addressable LED products for projects and products worldwidely.

In our manufacturing facilities, we follow through on efficient designs and cost-effective production. From there, we individually test all lights during assembly and before packaging.

In addition, we perform the following tests throughout the production process to uphold strict quality standards:

  • Vibration
  • Low temperature test
  • High temperature test
  • Waterproof test (if needed)
  • LED Anti-static test
  • Air discharge
  • Ageing test
  • Disconnected test
  • Gray scale test
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