1. Programmable LED string lights manufacturer price and services
  2. Pixel strings are controlled by WS2811, WS2818, DMX512 chips
  3. Each pixel is individually addressable
  4. One broken pixel doesn’t affect other strings, signal keeps going
  5. Working voltage is DC5V, max 5.5V
  6. Typical lighting effects: gradual changes, horse race, water flow, opening windows, meteor effects, chasing, etc
  7. IP68


Programmable LED string lights are equiped with IC WS2811, WS2818 or DMX512, individually addressable. Generating classic lighting effects as gradual changing, horse racing, water flowing, opening windows, meteor effects, chasing. High brightness, long lifespan, energy-saving, easy installation and maintenance free. Widely used in hotels, KTV, nightbars, shopping malls, advertising boards, LED signs, background walls, etc.

WS2811 and WS2818 version works with serial SPI signal, DMX512 version can work with DMX512 signal.

WS2818 addressable string has the feature of signal continuous transmission at break-point, which means the signal keeps going even there is failed pixel, the following lighting effects doesn’t change, the whole display won’t be affected.

Thanks to the vast amount of our project experiences, SDIP know very well what could be the potential quality issues and installation problems, we adopt the dedicated production and quality check tactics to reduce potential problem at factory.

Besides the physical strips, as LED string light manufacturer SDIP still provide the one-stop services of Site audit, Layout design, Lighting effect and programming based on LedEdit or Madrix software platforms, Product development and implementation, Installation and debugging, we have the field engineer teams to visit your sites for assistance.



Model: SDIP-F5V-F12-WS2811 / SDIP-F5V-F12-DMX512

Dimension:12mm CylinderMax Power:0.3w/pixel
Working Voltage:DC5VLED Type:F8 RGB
Driver IC:WS2811/DMX512Pixel Q’ty:50pcs/string
Driver Type:Constant CurrentPixel Interval:10cm
Signal:SPI/DMX512Working Temp.:-20°~50°
Lifespan:50000hrsIP Rate:IP68


Model: SDIP-F5V-F12-WS2818  <Signal continuous transmission at break-point>

Dimension:12mm CylinderMax Power:0.3w/pixel
Working Voltage:DC5VLED Type:F8 RGB
Driver IC:WS2818Pixel Q’ty:50pcs/string
Driver Type:Constant CurrentPixel Interval:10cm
Signal:SPIWorking Temp.:-20°~50°
Lifespan:50000hrsIP Rate:IP68


Applications of Programmable LED String Lights:


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