SDIP LIGHT Addressable LED Strip Bar Tube Manufacturer


WS2818 LED strip is a 12v/24v economic programmable led strip with the feature of signal break-point continuous transmission, which means the signal will continue transmission even some single pixel is broken. Every 3 LEDs are controlled by one external WS2818 chip as one single pixel, every 3 LEDs are cuttable. It’s an evolutional version of WS2811 LED strip. It’s widely used in applications like guardrail tube series, point light display series, flexible/rigid strips series, module series, lighting stage costumes, innovative gadgets or any other electronic products.

WS2818 is a 3-channel LED driver control circuit, it includes intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current control part, which achieves highly consistent color effect. WS2818 adopts dual signal transmission, these signals are able to work together without interaction. So even one signal is disconnected due to whatever reason, the other signal continues, hence any single failure pixel neither affect the other pixels nor overal display affect, nor waveform distortion.

SDIP supply the WS2818 programmable LED strip in 30LEDs/meter, 48LEDs/meter and 60LEDs/meter, based on different waterproof rate, IP20/IP65/IP67/I68, along with the LED power supply and LED controllers. Combining with aluminium profile, these flexible strips can be made into rigid LED strip.

Besides the physical LED strips, SDIP also provide the one-stop services of Site audit, Layout design, Lighting effect and programming based on LedEdit or Madrix software platforms, Product development and implementation, Installation and debugging, we have the field engineer teams to assist you at your sites.