SDIP LIGHT Addressable LED Strip Bar Tube Manufacturer


WS2812b LED strip is a 5V individually addressable strip, the IC is embedded into the 5050 LED, which makes it has a better lighting performance. The built-in IC is invisible from outside, this makes the strips more robust and more flexible to be applied on different types of surfaces. As the individually addressable pixel, each LED is cuttable. It’s the 1st individually addressable light source since few years ago hence it has been widely used in everywhere, maybe the most popular addressable light source so far.

WS2812 is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It has built-in signal reshaping circuit, after wave reshaping to the next driver, ensure wave-form distortion not accumulated. It runs with low driving voltage, environmental friendly and energy saving, has high brightness, scattering angle is large and good consistency. The control chip integrated in LED above becoming more simple circuit, small volume, convenient installation.

SDIP supply the WS2812 programmable LED strip in 30LEDs/meter, 60LEDs/meter and 144LEDs/meter, based on different waterproof rate, IP20/IP65/IP67/I68, along with the LED power supply and LED controllers. Combining with aluminium profile, these flexible strips can be made into rigid LED strip.

Besides the physical LED strips, SDIP also provide the one-stop services of Site audit, Layout design, Lighting effect and programming based on LedEdit or Madrix software platforms, Product development and implementation, Installation and debugging, we have the field engineer teams to assist you at your sites.