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Different IP grade and the applications for addressable LED strips

Different IP grade and the applications for addressable LED strips Non-waterproof : Bare Strip, with self-adhesive backing, for indoor or dry location use. Waterproof IP65 : Strip Surface is covered on top with Gel, and with self-adhesive backing. IP65 grade can protect sprayed water from all direction. Waterproof IP67: The bare strip is put in…

Lynk&Co Car Launch Event

Lynk&Co new car launch event in Ningbo, the full-color lighting effect was done by Dongguan SDIP Light Co., Ltd, from solutions design, lighting effects design, production and on-site construction. Using the D50 digital led tube based on addressable chip WS2813 60LED/meter, the final effect was unanimously recognized by Party A. Products Used: WS2813 D50 digital…

Full-color LED lighting shines in 101 national landmarks “Light Show”

As night falls, the lights are on, and the lights become another scene of the city. Especially when the hot “urban light show” brings people a super sensory visual experience, it also shows the cultural connotation of the city, shaping the city’s beautiful image, and giving the city a new vitality, becoming the “standard of…

New SDIP Light Official Website Is Launched

New SDIP Light Official Website: English version: Chinese version:

HeiLongJiang KTV Lighting Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade for 30 rooms in one KTV. Products Used: WS2818 Addressable LED Strip, 4500 meters Software Used: LedEdit LED Controller: Sound Control System, 1 Set Power Supply: 400W, 160pcs

Addressable LED Strip Kit for Smart Balance Scooter

Waterproof Addressable LED Strip Kit based on WS2812B for Smart Balance Scooter.

Programmable LED Strip Kit for Cooling Fan and PC case

Tailored RGB/RGBW programmable LED strip kit based on WS2812B for PC cooling fan and PC case.