SDIP is a company based in China with years of experience in lighting. With the transition of lighting products over the years from glass to flexible neon light strip, we have evolved to become one of the best manufactures of neon LED strip lights. The need for light sources has evolved over centuries, so also has SDIP evolved in the mass production of flexible neon strip light. Our neon LED strip lights are perfect for outdoor or interior decoration, and can also function as colorful and vibrant LED neon flex RGB which serves your various decorative and lightning purposes.

Our team of experts has perfected the skill of producing neon LED strip lights of varying lengths and colors.

Just to mention a few SDIP also specializes in the provision of one-stop service of site audit, layout design, lighting effect, and programming based on LedEdit or Matrix software platforms. We also provide services like product development and implementation, installation and debugging, and are well equipped with field engineer teams to assist you on-site, bringing out the best in our products.

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As leaders in neon LED strip light production

SDIP delivers best on flexible neon strip light and LED neon flexible RGB. With our team of committed employees, we can mass-produce LED neon strips for various purposes including the design of high-rise buildings, malls, galleries, cinemas, and even homes. At SDIP we manufacture and ensure quality assurance, giving you the best and most durable LED neon flex. Our LED neon flex can be produced in varying lengths to meet your desired specifications.

With our LED neon flex, you are assured of a variety of colors to choose from. Also at SDIP we produce LED neon flexible RGB.

Being the most sort after neon flex manufacturer in China, SDIP offers great assurance in quality and timely delivery keeping our dealers confident in our flexible neon strip lights.

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Voltage: DC12V Dimension: 12*20mm/12*25mm
LED Quantity: 60 LEDs/meter Roll length: 5m/Roll
Max Power: 14.4w/m IP rate: IP67
IC: WS2818 Working Temp: -40°~ 70°
LED Color: RGB LED Lifespan: 50,000hrs
LED Type: SMD5050 Materials Silica Gel
Gray Scale: 256 Processing Silica Gel Extrusion
Beam Angle: 120° Signal SPI

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The best LED neon strips for every and any use.

SDIP has been able to harness the benefits which LED neon flex offers and has ensured that these benefits are used in the production of our LED neon strips. SDIP offers you flexible neon strip lights with no pixilation, we manufacturre neon flex that is outdoor rated. Our LED neon flex offers you high vibrant lighting with good color consistency and no light dots. As a specialist in LED neon flex, and having supplied many high profile clients around the world. You are ensured that we deliver neon led strip lights that are resistant to varying outdoor conditions, are sleek enough for interior decoration, come in various sizes, and can be manufactured to your specifications. SDIP has been able to develop flexible neon strip light and LED neon flex RGB, ensuring you a product that can be adapted organically into any space or desired shape.

SDIP offers a no dark spot neon flex technology. As a LED neon flex manufacturer in China, we offer a no-dark spot technology when our neon LED strip lights are manufactured. This enables them to offer smooth and even lighting around bends and turns.

SDIP has the required technology to meet your production demands and quantities. Email us today and we will ensure timely delivery of neon LED strip light to your desired specifications worldwide.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide – LED Neon Flex Light


LED Neon flex is a product that delivers neon light in high quality with exceptional co-extrusion technology.

This light is needed for neon lighting applications used in the 21st century.

It offers a great functionality of light while reducing the level of power that it consumes compared to the traditional glass neon tubing that it imitates.

Whatever information you need about the LED Neon flex, you’ll find it thoroughly treated in this FAQ guide.

Regardless of the intent, you have about getting information for this product, this guide would walk you through it.

Here is a quick view of the questions we would be answering, explicit details would follow after this list.

  1. What is LED Neon Flex?
  2. What’s the difference between neon and LED?
  3. Which is better between LED Neon flex and traditional glass Neon?
  4. What is the difference between an LED neon light and an LED strip light?
  5. What are the advantages of neon flex?
  6. What are the uses of neon flex?
  7. How does a LED neon tube produce light?
  8. How does neon flex work?
  9. What are the types of Neon flex connectors?
  10. What accessories do you need for your LED neon flex?
  11. How do you get the LED neon colors?
  12. Can LED Neon lights change colors?
  13. Can you cut neon flex?
  14. How do you connect Neon flex?
  15. Is a flexible neon light strip waterproof?
  16. Does a flexible neon light need a driver?
  17. How do you pass a flexible LED strip through the neon tube?
  18. Are LED Neon lights AC or DC?
  19. Is it OK to sleep with a Neon LED strip light on?
  20. Are Neon flex lights bad for your eyes?
  21. Can you put neon flex strip lights outside?
  22. Can neon flex light strips be bent?
  23. Can you fix a flexible neon light tube?
  24. Can you paint flexible neon light tubes?
  25. What type of paint do you use on neon lights?
  26. Can LED neon flex RGB make warm white?
  27. Can you put a dimmer on neon light?
  28. Can you touch LED neon lights?
  29. Why does my neon light buzz?
  30. Do neon lights burn out?
  31. Are neon lights a fire hazard?
  32. How do you install neon lights on the wall?
  33. How do I install neon lights under my car?
  34. How do you install LED Neon Flex?
  35. Is LED neon underglow illegal?
  36. Why are Neon flex signs so expensive?
  37. Can you make your neon flex DIY sign?
  38. How to make LED Neon flex signs?
  39. How do you wire an LED neon sign transformer?
  40. How long do LED Neon signs last?
  41. How do I clean a Neon flex sign?
  42. How much does it take to fix LED neon signs?
  43. How much power does a LED Neon sign use?
  44. Does LED Neon use a lot of electricity?
  45. What type of power outlet do I need for neon flex?
  46. What’s better RGB or RGBW LED neon?
  47. How do you control LED neon flex RGB?
  48. Which is better between LED neon flex 12v and LED neon flex 24v?
  49. Who is the best LED neon flex manufacturer?


1.    What Is LED Neon Flex?

LED Neon flex is an alternative to the traditional glass neon tubing.

It uses a flattened ribbon of pure copper that helps in enhancing thermal conductivity thereby reducing the chances of overheating by 35%.

LED Neon strip is great for making signages especially with its flexibility that makes it easy to bend into any shape.

With this product, you can make even the most complicated designs with little hassle by giving you the opportunity to express your high level of creativity.

It is environmentally friendly as it is void of toxic materials like mercury and lead.

It requires little craftsmanship and expertise in its installation process which makes it a perfect choice for DIYers.LED Neon Flex


2.    What Is The Difference Between Neon and LED

The creation of Neon light is done with a handcrafted tube that is made from the reactions of inert gas while the LED neon strip is a light-emitting diode that creates overlapping steady light.

It is better than neon because it does not flicker during usage.

Neon tubes are best for decorative purposes because of their beautiful look, however, they are exceedingly fragile which makes them more prone to damage.

The LED tube is made using a polymer jacket that protects it from damage.

Neon provides varying colors that glow while LED only emits solid and fixated colors. LEDs are cheaper and they even use less light than Neon.

3.    Which Is Better Between LED Neon Flex And Traditional Glass Neon?

LED Neon flex is better than traditional glass Neon.

Neon flex is more cost-effective because their light tubes are much easier to replace than traditional glass neon.

In the area of durability, LED Neon flex also wins because it is made with flame retardant PVCs that are also flexible.

In contrast with traditional glass neon, Neon flex is energy-efficient and cheap because of its low power usage of 24V or 12V.

With LED Neon flex, there is no room for breakage or overheating which makes it safe for you to use even in a house with children.

The portable and lightweight features of LED neon flex makes it fit for anywhere in your house where traditional neon is heavy and mostly suitable for outdoor usage.

Also, you can easily install neon flex by yourself without having to employ professionals for the job.

4.    What Is The Difference Between An LED Neon Light And An LED Strip Light?

The major difference between both lights occurs in the aspect of effect.

A flexible neon light strip is made with dots which allows you to see dots when the light strip is illuminated.

However, an LED neon strip light is made in a way that it gives a smooth illumination and higher consistency with colors than LED strip light.

This makes LED neon lights much thicker than LED strip lights.

In terms of cost, a flexible neon light strip is cheaper than a neon light though LED neon lights offer you a higher level of efficiency in light performance.

Although both of them are flexible lights that you can easily bend to any shape of your choice.

5.    What Are The Advantages Of Neon Flex?

Neon LED strip light has a high level of appeal that makes it attractive to customers especially when you use it as a sign.

The LED Neon strip was created to gain a whole lot of attention and that is what it does.

This makes a great choice for businesses of all sorts as it serves as a means of advertisement.

Also, neon LED strip light uses semiconductors in their solid-state which makes it economical while still producing bright colors.

This neon LED strip light ensures that quality is left uncompromised even as cost is reduced.

Another advantage of neon flex is that the installation process is easy and straightforward requiring little hassle to get it to work. In addition, neon flex is durable and it lasts long.

China LED silicone Neon Flex Tube Light

6.    What Are The Uses Of Neon?

Neon is most popularly used in making advertising signs.

The natural neon tube glows in a reddish-orange colour, for those that have more than one colour there has already been a mixture of colours.

However, It is easy to assume that neon is only used for advertising but that is far from the truth.

It has other use cases such as making indicators of high voltage, wave meter tubes, lightning arresters, television tubes, diving lasers, and equipment.

Neon is also used as a cryogenic refrigerant for applications that requires a range of low temperature.

Also, the combination of neon with helium is used in making helium-neon lasers.

7.    How Does LED Neon Flex Produce Light?

LED neon flex produces light through eco-friendly solid semi-conductors that help you in saving energy.

The Neon LED strip light uses neither neon gas nor glass to produce light, rather light is produced through the use of acrylic that is resistant to shattering, easy to carry and perfect for transmitting light.

Each of the lamps that represent the color options that make different colors are tightly spaced under a PVC-reinforced jacket that is used to enhance the optics while the spools are allowed to be bent, twisted, and curved to accommodate the light’s installation.

This makes the flexible neon light strip flicker-free and resistant to strong impacts or vibrations.

8.    How Does LED Neon Flex Work?

Flexible neon light strips rely on the reaction that occurs when electrons come through a semi-conductor known as the aluminum-gallium-arsenide.

It is free of harmful substances such as mercury or lead which makes it environmentally friendly.

The lifespan of the Neon LED strip light ranges from 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours, this way, you can enjoy the highly durable features of the LED Neon Flex light.

They use one-tenth of the energy that is found in traditional incandescent bulbs which allows them to produce more lumens per watt.

Also, the installation process is simple which makes it a plus for DIYers to choose it as their go-to light.

As a result of the reaction and workings of the LED neon flex light, there is a high level of brightness you get even as energy is being saved.

9.    What Are The Types Of Neon Flex Connectors?

You need to know the connector that is suitable for your own project.

There are three major types of neon flex connectors that you need to choose from based on your mode of application.

  • Snap Connectors: If your project is one that requires field assembly, this is the appropriate connector for you.

This connector is outdoor, indoor, and IP67 rated. Additional tools are not required for you to assemble this connector.

To avoid water ingress and ensure proper connection, you must carefully take note of the instructions for assembly.

  • Seamless Connectors: This connector is the perfect one for you to use for the letters in a signage and all types of applications that have to do with 90 degrees bends.

Also, mounting indoor installations is best done by this connector type. It appears neat and even fits the mounting channel.

  • Submersible Seamless Connectors: This type of connector is one that would be submerged in water.

It uses a double-mold injection process and it is IP68 rated.

However, this connector is not one that can be modified by an installer rather the assembly is done by a factory.

To get the best results, you have to use the correct and appropriate tools for installation.

Straight connector For flexible Neon Light Strip

10. What Accessories Do You Need For Your LED Neon Flex?

Your purchase of an LED Neon flex is completely insignificant if you cannot get the necessary accessories needed to make your installation process and usage as seamless as possible.

  • Aluminium Mounting Clip: This is what helps you put the light in a right and firm position.
  • End Caps: This helps you to hold the endings of your neon flex safely while improving its looks
  • Connecting Pins: There are different pins that are made for different purposes. There is the neon to neon pin, neon to neon with 9cm wire and a power cable that is useful for assisting you in cutting your LED Neon flex.

11. How do you get the LED Neon colors?

This neon LED strip light comes in different colors including orange, bright white, green, blue, orange and the colour changing RGB Neon flex light.

Unlike neon lights that get their colors from the combination of different gases and chemicals, LED neon flex uses a remote control or controller to get the LED neon flex RGB colors in their different shades for added effects.

12. Can LED Neon lights change colors?

Multicolour RGB LED strip Roll

Yes, neon flex lights have a type called the LED neon flex RGB that changes colours.

This light is created by mixing white light with red, green or blue light in order to create a wide variety of colours.

LED neon flex RGB can also be adjusted to display more than one colour at the same time and you would be able to get your brand colour from changing light without having to go through the stress of getting a custom made lighting.

Using the LED neon flex RGB light gives you the opportunity to control the look of your shop, ceremony or even your home.

13. Can you cut LED Neon Flex?

Yes, you can cut a LED neon strip properly by following the cutting mark that is on the product.

However, you have to be conscious of cutting the neon LED strip light at the indicated point so as to avoid destroying the light before you even start using it.

14. How do you connect Neon flex?

  • First, you cut the LED Neon flex at its indicated cutting mark by using a sharp blade to ensure the cut is straight.
  • You connect the power pin by positioning it within the plier jaws to ensure that the barbed pin ends face outward.
  • On the already cut face of LED Neon flex, make sure the end of the male power pin is properly positioned against the two exposed wires.
  • Ensure the power pin gets into the two exposed wires until it joins with the cut end of the LED Neon flex.
  • Then, use a heat gun to warm the plastic ends of the power connector. Afterwards, make sure the power cord is fixed well, then align with the male power pin to the openings of the female power pin.
  • Put the pins into the power cord until it is a tight fit.

Then, repeat the process of attaching the connectors to the opposite end.

  • Lastly, use heat shrink tubing to provide waterproof features for the joint connections of the flexible neon light strip.

15. Is A Flexible Neon Light Waterproof?

Many flexible LED neon lights are waterproof in nature.

You can submerge most LED Neon strip lights in water as long as it is not salt water.

Not only are the best of this product waterproof, but they are also resistant to all kinds of moisture.

The use of silicone end caps also contributes to the waterproof feature of the LED neon strip because it protects the interior of the light itself.

Although some of these products are waterproof, it is more advisable for you to get an underwater tape light if you would be keeping the flexible neon light under water for long.

waterproof Xunata LED Neon Light

16. Does A Flexible Neon Light Need A Driver?

If you would love to control your flexible neon light, you would have to use a dimming driver.

This dimming driver allows you to easily transition without dealing with flickers.

You can try out various settings without having to deal with the traditional problems that come with old neon light.

The installation process of this driver is easy and the operation gives a long lasting operation to its users.

Dimming LED neon drivers are the solution that allows you to enjoy easy LED light control.

The drivers also come with dimmer boards that allow you to set your light to a preferred dimness level for added effects.

17. How Do You Pass A Flexible LED strip Through The Neon Tube?

Use the rope to fasten one side of the neon tube, then put it into the neon tube.

Afterwards, pull the strip out from another end.

Use a wire to go through the end cap.

Then, fill the end cap area with glue.

Put the end cap and the neon tube together, take out excess glue, then wait for it to solidify.

Install metal clips, then light up the LED neon flex strip.

This process is a simple one that you can easily manage all by yourself.

18. Are Neon lights AC or DC

LED Neon strip lights work with either DC (direct current) or AC (alternating current). However, the DC current allows the glow to show only around one electrode.

This is why AC is used for most neon lights used in popular spaces.

19. Is it OK to sleep with a Neon LED strip light on?

Yes, you can sleep with a LED neon strip even for a long period especially for its low power consumption and low output of heat.

The red colour of neon light makes it most suited as a background and night light.

With this light, you can sleep conveniently at night without bothering about any harm.

Mini LED neon light strip

20. Are Neon lights bad for your eyes?

Neon light can cause certain eye troubles for you such as damaged vision and cataracts.

This type of light can harm your iris and cornea which would eventually lead to eye problems.

Neon LED strip light is made up of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays that are too bright for your eyes. 7

Also, the glowing nature of this light can get you tired easily, cause strain for your eyes, and discomfort for your eyes.

It is advised for you to get shades or reduce the time you spend staring at them so you can protect your eyes.

21. Can You Put Neon Flex Strip Lights Outside?

Yes, you would just have to follow the instructions needed for outdoor installation.

22. Can Neon Flex Strip Lights Be Bent?

You can bend the flexible neon strip to whatever shape or design that you need for various applications.

It gives you a wide range of surfaces that you can use it for without limiting you in any way.

This is a great choice for you to make a peculiar and unique signage for your business.

23. Can You Fix A Neon Tube?

Yes, you can fix a neon tube, however, it has to have been made properly in the first place.

Make sure that only a professional does the work because they are fragile and also contain gasses that you would rather not inhale.

24. Can You Paint Flexible Neon Light Tubes?


You can add paint to LED neon flex tubes to replicate the ability of color glass to filter superiorly.

25. What Type Of Paint Do You Use On Neon Lights?

You can use the interior acrylic latex paint on your neon flex light because of the remarkable way it covers the reflection of the neon light.

Apart from lessening the reflection, this paint also has a high level of washability.

26. Can RGB LED make warm white?

An LED neon flex RGB can only produce an approximation of warm white light because it is made up of red, green, and blue light.

This approximation can be gotten when you set your strip to a maximum level, increase the green and reduce the blue color twice as much as the green.

However, you get the best warm white light from a single color LED light that has a warm white color.

White LED NEon flex rope light tube

27. Can you put a dimmer on neon light?

It is best to use smoked acrylic as a dimmer on your neon flex light.

Also, if you can get a dimming transformer it would help you in reducing the brightness of the light.

With a dimmable transformer, you have to ensure that no other dimming device is used with the light.

This is because you have to avoid any possible hazard that might occur as a result of that. Although you can only reduce the light to a 10% level and nothing below that.

28. Can you touch neon lights?

You can touch neon lights without the fear of getting harmed or burnt.

As long as the installation and production process is done perfectly, the neon light would always stay warm.

However, there are electrodes connected to the neon tubing, they create both the start and endpoint so that the current can travel, they get hot.

220V neon flex waterproof light

29. Why does my neon light buzz?

Your LED neon flex light buzzes because of the transformer also known as ballast.

It is caused when the fans or motors that are in the lights are vibrating.

Also, it could be caused by a loose wire or just an issue with the bulb.

You can avoid buzzing by using magnetic ballasts of 60 hertz which makes the humming audible, thus, eliminating it.

30. Do Neon lights burn out?

Yes, neon lights eventually burn out even if it would take some years.

This happens because the gas pressure that is inside begins to reduce as time goes on. Also, the colour of the neon light after a long time of use begins to change colour from the regular reddish-orange to a light tangerine colour.

31. Are neon lights a fire hazard?

Neon lights are not much of a risk because a sign has an illumination of fewer than 100 watts and some are even less.

However, you must not cover your sign especially when it is plugged because it can cause overheating and it can increase the chances for a fire hazard.

Also, you must keep the light far from an inflammable substance.

32. How Do I Install Neon Lights On The Wall?

The process of installing your LED neon light is a quick and easy one.

If you are dealing with a brick wall or a hard surface, it is required of you to take along an electric drill so your light would be properly secured.

  • Cut your LED neon to a suitable size. Use a sharp scissors to cut it at its dotted areas.
  • Connect a power pin to the end of a power cord.
  • Make sure there is no dust, moisture or water when adding heat-shrinking or silicone.
  • Shape and mount your flexible neon strip light
  • Then drill and hole into the wall to ensure that it is secured well

33. How do I install the neon lights under my car?

This process is mainly for you to put the neon LED strip light around the outer edges of the car while also extending to reach the engine bay.

  • The first thing you should do is get rid of every mud or dirt under the car to ensure that the LED strip is kept clean.
  • Put the neon flex strip under your car, then use zip-ties to secure the place of the strip.

You can first use a tape of double sides to keep it in place before using the zip-ties to hold it permanently.

  • Take the wires to the engine bay, then connect them to the module box.

If you have difficulty in getting the wire to the car front, use the wire extension that is in the package.

  • Put the red wire on battery positive while you put the black wire on negative.
  • Make sure the module box is far from the engine but also placed close to the car battery.

Then, you stretch out the antenna that is on the module box so you can get better reception.

  • Finally, test the entire work that you’ve done so you can ensure that it works perfectly well.

34. How do you install LED Neon Flex?

Unarguably, you need a neon LED strip light tube, a power supply of 12v or 24v, tools such as screwdrivers, wire strippers, scissors, pins, clips, hooks, and other materials for you to mount properly.

  • Cut your flexible neon light strip into the size that your design needs.
  • Connect a power pin to the exposed wires on the product
  • Ensure there is no moisture, water, or dust while installing your LED Neon flex.

The best way is to use silicon sealant to increase the product’s durability.

  • You shape your neon LED strip light to your preferred shape.

Then, you mount it by pinning it into the wall directly or using an acrylic panel.

Connecting an LED Neon flex

35. Is neon underglow illegal?

LED neon underglow lights are legal under the condition that they are unlit and covered on roads that are used by the general public.

Also, another condition is that they are not flashing and they do not have colours such as blue and red because the colours are common among the police.

These laws are put in place so that drivers do not have distractions while they are driving.

If you meet up with all these conditions and are familiar with your own state’s law, using neon underglow would come with no troubles for you.

Neon Car underglow

36. Why are Neon signs so expensive?

Neon signs can be expensive based on various reasons that come into play in its installation process.

Compared to the traditional neon signs, neon signs help you to save one-third of the money you would naturally spend on making the sign.

  • Cost: The cost of neon signs is determined by the length of LED neon that is required for the design of your sign.

If you need a lot of LED neon strips for your sign, then you would incur more costs.

  • Difficulty Level: Another factor is the difficulty level of the sign that you want for your business or house.

If the sign is too complicated to fix mainly because of the design, professionals will charge more for the job.

  • Time: Also, you have to consider the hours needed to finish the design.

The time used would determine how expensive the sign that you make is for your business.

However, without any of these options present, you can fix your neon sign most cost-effectively and still enjoy high quality.

37. Can you make your neon flex DIY sign?

Yes, you can make your neon sign especially if the price and fragileness of the custom design is something you find unsatisfactory.

Neon signs can be made personally by using the EL wire, a heat gun, and plastic tubing. First, you put the EL wire inside the tube.

Afterward, you use a heat gun to mould it to your preferred shape.

38. How to make LED Neon flex signs?

You need a flexible neon light strip, plastic tubing of approximately 6mm, scroll saw, rigid and plain board, drill bit of preferably 6mm, hot glue and CA glue, black form board, aluminum L-channel, and shears.

With these items, you’re one step away from getting the perfect sign.

Here are the other steps:

  • Get your plywood base or MDF ready.
  • Use normal printer paper to print sign letters and use spray mounts on the base.
  • Improvise the diameter drill bit also as a plastic tube so you can easily make the holes on the start and end of every letter segment that is on the neon tube.

Connect the end and start holes to each letter segment by using a jigsaw or scroll saw

  • Use the tube in forming the letters, make sure the start and end of the letters are hidden behind the base. With the combination of the CA glue and hot glue, put the tube flush on the base.

Indoor Neon Sign

39. How Do You Wire An LED Neon Sign Transformer?

There are varying techniques on how to connect your LED Neon sign to a transformer but this is the most effective means.

  • First, connect the main supply of your LED Neon flex sign to the input terminals of your LED transformer.
  • Afterwards, connect the starter lead of both the (-ve and +ve cables) of your LED light to the output terminals of the transformer.

This process is the same for a single colour LED sign, a colour changing one and even a RGB Neon sign.

40. How long do LED Neon signs last?

An LED neon sign lasts for about 8 to 15 years.

If you can maintain your sign properly and keep it in the right environment, this way, you get the worth of your money.

Also, LED coatings last for about 7 to 10 years based on the brightness and how you use the sign.

41. How do I clean a Neon sign?

First, you have to switch off the sign and remove the plug from the source.

Then, you mix household ammonia of ½ cup with half a cup of water.

Make a cloth damp and squeeze out the excess.

Afterwards, you rub out the grime or stain that is on the sign. If you cannot find ammonia to clean the sign, you can use vinegar mix or baking soda as an alternative.

Individually Adddressable Neon light

42. How much does it take to fix neon signs?

For you to repair your neon sign, you’ll require about $50.

If the break has argon gas, you have to spend up to $60, this is because the tube has to go through some cleanings.

43. How much power does a LED Neon sign use?

In 12 hours, a foot of neon sign consumes 15.33-17.52 kilowatts per hour.

This is less than half of what a fluorescent sign would require.

Ultimately, a neon sign saves you a whole lot of energy.

LED neon flex sign

44. Does Neon use a lot of electricity?

One of the major benefits of LED Neon flex is that it does not use a lot of electricity.

Per foot, a red neon light consumes between 3 ½ to 4 watts.

45. What type of power outlet do I need?

If you are using an indoor neon flex sign, the transformer comes along with it and you can easily plug it into a standard outlet that is grounded.

However, if the sign is an outdoor one, an electrician would be the one to hardwire the transformer so it would be able to meet the code.

46. What’s better RGB or RGBW LED Neon?

It depends on the type of application you need the light for.

RGBW is better for you if you need bright white light because RGB can only provide an approximation of such light but not the perfect one.

This is mainly because of the different colour combinations because RGBW consists of red, green, blue, and white which increases the range of colours that it can produce conveniently.

However, because of the extra functions that RGBW has, it is difficult for you to control it. Although more flexible, RGBW is more expensive than RGB.

RGB is a great choice for you if you want to save cost and still have enough decorative lights for your various applications.

But if you need bright white light and can afford it, choose RGBW.

RGB 3000K RGBW Neon Flex

47. How do you control LED RGB?

There are various ways you can control a LED neon flex RGB and one of them is by using the WiFi connection on your smartphone to download applications such as dabble, pictoblox.

  • Link your smartphone Bluetooth to the Bluetooth module that has already been mounted on evive.
  • Make sure the gamepad module is left open.

In this module, you can choose the strip colour and pattern you desire

You can also use any Arduino you like to control your addressable neon strip with adequate power supply.

Other options you can choose from are a remote dimmer, an RGB controller, a 44 key RGB, a T3-M controller, and MiLight mobile application.

48. Which Is Better Between LED neon flex 12V and LED Neon Flex 24V?

The 24V neon flex light is better than 12v in many respects.

The 24V neon light is configured with 3 LEDs in a series at the same time while the LED neon flex 12V is configured with 7 LEDs in series per string.

Also, the 24V requires a lesser conductor gauge that draws only half the amount of current than the 12V neon flex power does.

The power supply size of the 24V light is smaller.

In the area of linear runs, 24V also wins by offering maximum continuous length to the users of the LED strip.

LED Neon Flex RGB 12v

49. Who is the best-LED neon flex manufacturer?

There are various manufacturers of high quality LED neon flex products that are committed to providing the best services to their users, they are:

  • Neon flex: This Australian company is famous for its uniqueness in producing neon flex products.

They improve the regular LED neon flex by using SMD chips that are placed in housings that are enduring.

The neon flex manufacturing company has a range for RGB neon flex that is accompanied by a DMX controller.

  • Atom LED: Atom LED is another LED neon flex manufacturer that produces RGB neon flex lights and mono lights.

This company is exceptional because its lights come fitted with LED chips that ensure uniformity in the output of light.

They are also peculiar for their waterproof, flameproof, and highly durable protective casing.

  • Inava: Inava distinguishes itself by being a company that offers a wide range of neon light options.

They have lights for gardens, underground, indoors, and other options. Also, their colour range fits into almost everything a customer needs for various applications.

  • Lighting Geek: This brand takes the services to a higher level by providing unique designs for its users.

These designs include double-sided and single illumination. However, they have a limited number of colours available.

Their colours are restricted to blue and warm white which reduces the level of colour hues you can achieve.

  • Lux LED: As one of the best neon flex manufacturers, Lux LED provides a corrosive resistant and acrid product that is covered in silicone.

They also allow you to easily regulate the brightness of your neon flex.

  • Orbit: This brand is concerned with providing you with LED neon flex lights that can stand in any weather condition.

Orbit promises a high level of durability for its users and they even provide remote switches so you can enjoy interactive functions while using it.

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