As night falls, the lights are on, and the lights become another scene of the city. Especially when the hot “urban light show” brings people a super sensory visual experience, it also shows the cultural connotation of the city, shaping the city’s beautiful image, and giving the city a new vitality, becoming the “standard of the city’s night scene.” With the “, is deeply loved by the public.

However, this large-scale “light show” is located in the core area of ​​the city and is controlled by government departments. It will only be staged during important holidays and major events. The content of the light show will also be related to related events, urban culture and life. The scene is dominated. Now, this situation is quietly changing, and when commercial advertisements encounter urban lighting shows, it will bring a different visual experience.

Last month, Lincoln, a century-old car brand, united with 101 landmark buildings across the country, carefully planning and creating a brand “light show” with a burst of eye-catching index, giving the new meaning of “101” and making such a big deal. The marketing event, its new Lincoln Navigator has also become the focus of attention.

The whole light show lasted for more than a month, with the theme of “quiet and sturdy, new Lincoln voyager, listed on the market”, spanning 101 landmark buildings across the country, with an area of ​​270,000 square meters, which is equivalent to an altitude of 4,680 meters. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain! Hundreds of staff members modified the N version of the creative draft for one month, and the new release form that was achieved after thousands of debugging rehearsals was amazing.

The new Lincoln Navigator successfully used this marketing method to invite the national masses to watch the “live conference” at their doorstep, and created a “release show that can watch the show” to form a “face-to-face” communication. From a strategic perspective, this event is more like an awakening of “urban marketing”. The Lincoln Voyager chose the “light show” for a single breakthrough, but also created a new marketing strategy.

As a new way of urban interpretation, the city marketing in the form of light show can be said to be full of views. Under the traditional medium-sized and new media dissemination fragmentation, the visual impact of urban lighting show can effectively expand marketing. The coverage and audience, focus on the target group, and establish effective interaction with the group, achieving 1+1>2 effect.

The light show can capture and focus the attention of the masses in a short period of time and create public opinion. According to relevant statistics, Shenzhen’s “Glorious New Era” light show last year attracted 600,000 people in three days, and the second time through online short video, WeChat, Weibo, and major media and self-media reports. Replaying the audience is countless, and the eye-catching index bursts.

Moreover, the location occupied by the city lighting show must be the commanding height of the city, and it is the center of the center, including the core business center, the center of the city open square, the viewing scroll center along the river along the river, and the transportation hub center. Only occupy the focus of the city’s line of sight, can create extremely high exposure.

Of course, just because urban lighting shows endorsed by the city, it brings higher commercial value to advertising. There are only a handful of buildings in China that can be officially recognized as “urban landmarks”. Therefore, not all advertisements can be put on the landmarks, and the brands that can pass the review first leave the impression of “powerful”.

However, the business of urban lighting show marketing is not good. It is always on the cusp of the cusp. If it is slightly careless, it will become the focus. If it is negative, it will form a negative public opinion, but it will damage the image of the city. Therefore, it is very cautious.