SDIP LIGHT Addressable LED Strip Bar Tube Manufacturer



Dongguan SDIP Light Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (30 minutes drive from Guangzhou/Shenzhen). It is an innovative technology company specializing in R&D, production, sales and technical services of LED full color series lighting products. Its main products are full-color light strips, full-color line lights, guardrail tubes, string lights, point light sources and so on. The main service of two major customer groups: engineering companies undertaking lighting projects and electronic innovation companies that need to add LED lighting effects to their products. Committed to providing customers with the highest quality overall design and lighting style customization services, and participate in on-site construction counseling to fully meet the individual needs of customers.

In terms of product research and development, thanks to our extensive customer base and rich on-site construction experience, we are very familiar with the industry trends, pain points and difficulties, and constantly develop new products that meet market demands and lead the development of the industry. We also have deep strategic partnerships with leading IC companies in the industry, and continue to innovate on the basis of proficiency in technology, making full use of the characteristics of IC to maximize the potential and lighting effects of products. Thanks to the support of our suppliers, we can use the most advanced lighting technology in the industry in the first place.

In terms of production, a large number of different types of on-site construction make us very aware of the various problems that the product will encounter in the actual use process. With these first-hand experience, we will test the semi-finished products from the test to the semi-finished products. Sidipu strictly controls every production process, and some of the links are implemented by Sidipu's unique testing program. In the production process, the automation equipment is used as much as possible. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment such as high-speed patch, high-temperature reflow soldering, automatic board splitting machine, automatic board picking machine and automatic tape winding machine, which has high production strength in the industry.

In terms of technical services, we provide customers with a full range of solution design and lighting effects customization services (based on the German Mai Sir MADRIX platform) by in-depth discussion of requirements with customers, providing strong technical support for customers' market expansion. We also provide on-site construction guidance if needed.

Since its inception, the company has always been "to let the world enjoy the beauty of full color" as the corporate vision. In just a few years, it has been developing at a high speed and expanding the domestic and international markets. It has won very well in customers and the industry. Word of mouth. During this period, lighting solutions and construction coaching have been provided for many well-known brands, such as Beijing Capital International Airport and dozens of Mercedes-Benz exhibition hall lights.

In the future, Steip will adhere to the business philosophy of “reliable, fast response, optimization and innovation”, and deliver the best quality lighting solutions to the global customers with the most reasonable cost and the fastest time. Feel the beauty and sparkle of full-color lighting. I believe that the future of SDIP-1766 will be as dazzling as its full-color lighting.