SDIP LIGHT Addressable LED Strip Bar Tube Manufacturer


Since its establishment, Dongguan Sidipu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production, research and development, sales and technical services of LED full-color series of lighting products. The products are mainly included in full-color light strips, full-color lines. Lights, guardrail tubes, string lights, point light source-based, after years of hard work and development, the company has created a group of technical talents, professional products with the main direction to match customer-defined lighting effects and mature program configuration.

With the development of the company, the company has expanded its R&D and production team to provide better and more comprehensive services to different groups of users with excellent service quality and professional and comprehensive technical service strength. Sidipu has become a manufacturer and equipment with a certain scale of strength in the industry. The equipment includes: high-speed patch, high-temperature reflow soldering, integrating sphere, automatic board splitting machine, automatic board picking machine, testing equipment, etc. Production efficiency, since its establishment, the company has been committed to the R&D and product optimization of LED full-color light bar series, focusing on its own product brand SDIP-1766, carefully controlling every link, from material testing to patch testing, from Assembling products to semi-finished products, aging tests, vibration tests, pulls, tapping tests, etc., each product quality is strictly checked. It is also the origin of this product focus, has won a very good reputation in the industry, and also won a good cornerstone for the SDIP-1766 brand.


The company has always been aiming to become the world's largest and most professional manufacturer of LED full-color light strips. With the aim of serving each customer with care, we will put the concept of service first, and discuss the market direction and trend with customers to assist. Customers plan product series, marketing methods, help customers design products, assist customers to deal with abnormal phenomena in production and application, and we have accumulated rich experience. In order to continuously meet and exceed the needs of customers, the professional team continuously penetrates the customers and the market, analyzes and judges the needs of customer product upgrades and the future trends of the market in a timely manner, and continuously develops innovative products to create value for customers.