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Based in Dongguan City, Dongguan SDIP Light Co. Ltd. is Guangdong’s premier led strip light manufacturers of comprehensive addressable lighting solutions. The core of our innovative technological solutions includes R&D, production, sales, and other services for LED full-color series lighting products.

About our clients

Our clients come largely from two major industries – engineering companies who handle a wide array of lighting projects and vast electronic companies that rely on our solutions to add lighting effects to their innovative products. They repeatedly come to us because we do not only put the best of ourselves into providing premium quality design services.

They also get to enjoy the luxury of options, choices, and flexibility that our lighting style customization services offer them. And we cap it all with full participation in on-site construction counseling to fully meet and exceed their expectations.

R&D strategies

Our product research and development strategies are the best of both worlds. We leverage on our vast, expansive customer base and rich on-site construction experience to enable us identify dynamic industry pain points and tailor ingenious optoelectronic solutions that match today’s industry trends.

On our quest of mastering technology and innovating, we’ve established strong partnership ties with big thinkers, tech enthusiasts and top IC companies who are in the frontiers of the industry. This continually enhances our capabilities to fully maximize the potentials of our lighting technologies.

About our projects

Through the years, we’ve successfully completed a number of challenging projects. This has sharpened our foresight of various problems that may be encountered on any new project. At SDIP Light, we’ve laid down strict production processes that are backed by our unique testing programs. This way, we are not only able to test and vet the quality of all our semi-finished products, but also guarantee that the deliverable aligns with the industry’s best practices.

Our company employs advanced equipment and modern-day technologies – ranging from high-speed path to high-temperature reflow soldering, automated board splitting & picking machines, and automatic tape winding machines – deriving maximum value while beating down costs and lead time to the barest minimum.

SDIP Light’s technical solutions will definitely blow your mind away. We believe that each project is unique, that’s why we offer customizable options for discerning clients who value the importance of multiple design options, lighting effects customization, and proactive technical support. More so, we pay attention to details and we back it up with on-site consultancy solutions when needed.

We have a razor-sharp focus on designing and engineering optical innovations that let the world enjoy the beauty of full colors. Over a short span of 3 years, we’ve made great progress. We’ve penetrated markets – both domestically and globally. And we pride ourselves on our past projects with popular brands including Beijing Capital International Airport and a good number of Mercedes-Benz exhibition hall lights.

Reliability, responsiveness, optimization, and innovation are the core values that guide the way we think and operate at SDIP Light. It’s our ultimate goal to deliver customer-satisfying solutions to the world quickly and at reasonable rates. Feel free to get in touch with us for business inquiries or more info.

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Meet Our Service Team


Thomas Liu – Founder & Owner, Expert in addressable LED light

Zofe Chow – Manager Director
Dedicated in sales and marketing

Ling Xiao – Chief Lighting Designer, Good at light design on different platforms

Jianjun Liu – Field Manager, Rich field experience on install and debugging

Chenqi Liu – Field Manager, Rich field experience on install and debugging

Haibo Tan – Field Manager, Rich field experience on install and debugging

Aimee Xiao – Sales Engineer, Skillful communications

Guangyan Wang – Sales Engineer, Quickly offer solutions

Fen Hu – Sales Engineer, Comfortable services

Qionghua Dai – Sales Assistant, Internal coordination

Yanhong Chen – Sales Assistant, Internal coordination